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In the world of real estate development, every property is described as a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Only a few truly merit that designation. One of the most attractive in every meaningful sense is Kiawah River Plantation in coastal South Carolina.

This immaculate location is home to over over 2,000 acres with a strong orientation to water, nature and recreation. Suggested development considerations are residential, commercial, and mixed-use with amenities to possibly include a hotel, equestrian, tennis, boat storage facility, community docks, nature trails, fitness center, pool complexes and golf.

This impressive tract will be developed as a green, conservation community, employing state of the art principles of sustainability. During the creation, its wildlife habitat and diverse ecosystems will be preserved and where possible, enhanced.

Welcome to the Kiawah River Plantation website, where you’ll find a description of the property, the location, images and real-time updates regarding the planning process. We welcome your feedback, recommendations and thoughts for the future of this landmark development. We encourage you to submit information via the contact form on this site, by mail or by phone

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